MythTV 0.22 Upgrade Database Corruption

Title: MythTV 0.22 Upgrade Database Corruption
Author: Richard Freeman <>
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Posted: 2010-03-01
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Due to an incompatibility between MythTV 0.21 and the default Gentoo
MySQL configuration, it is likely that long-time MythTV users will
have databases with a mixture of locale encodings.  If you upgrade to
0.22 without following these directions carefully, you could end up
with a database that contains errors that are extremely difficult to

Note that not all mythtv users need to modify their databases, and
this should only be performed at the time of the upgrade.  The guide
below contains instructions that can be used to determine if this
problem pertains to you.

Please see the MythTV Upgrade Guide for instructions:

Be sure to save a database backup using mysqldump before upgrading.  
Also, be sure to upgrade any other clients/backends you are using to
0.22 at the same time.  The upgrade instructions need to be followed 
once per database - individual client/backend upgrades do not require 
these steps.

If you do run into problems with your upgrade, there is a forum thread
where you may be able to find help: