Info about GCC on Hardened profiles

Title: Info about GCC on Hardened profiles
Author: Magnus Granberg <>
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Posted: 2010-10-27
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GCC 4.4.4-r2 is now stable in the hardened profiles (on x86 and
amd64 as of 2010-10-24, other architectures will follow later).
Starting from this version, SSP support is enabled by default for the
architectures it is supported on (namely x86, amd64, ppc, ppc64 and
arm). Previously, GCC 4.3.4 had SSP support but it was not enabled
by default.

Older GCC versions in the hardened profiles, such as the
GCC 3.x series will be obsoleted, problems arising on those versions,
but not applying to GCC 4.4.4-r2 will not be fixed, so please update
to the new version.