Bacula-5.2.3 Upgrade

Title: Bacula-5.2.3 Upgrade
Author: Thomas Beierlein <>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2011-12-30
Revision: 1
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The 5.2.x release series of Bacula uses a new database catalog format.
If you're upgrading from a 3.x.x or 5.0.x release, you must upgrade your
bacula catalog database.

Please read the manual chapter for how to upgrade your database (see
You can find database upgrade scripts in /usr/libexec/bacula/(updatedb/).

It is strongly recommended that you save a copy of your existing database
before upgrading. For details how to do it please look into your database

The simplest way to upgrade the database:

1. Stop Bacula from running (at least the director and storage daemons).
2. Save a copy of your existing database.
3. Emerge the new version of Bacula.
4. Run the appropriate upgrade script from /usr/libexec/bacula/updatedb/. 
5. Start the new Bacula.