baselayout-1.x deprecation

Title: baselayout-1.x deprecation
Author: William Hubbs <>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2012-02-14
Revision: 1
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On 28 Jun 2011, baselayout-2.x and OpenRC were first marked stable on
all supported architectures in Gentoo Linux.

This was the point at which we stopped working on issues in baselayout-1
and began encouraging users to upgrade to baselayout-2 and OpenRC.

Although we are not supporting baselayout-1, we are supporting migration
from baselayout-1 to OpenRC and baselayout-2.

According to Gentoo policy, the support for migration from baselayout-1
to baselayout-2 ends one year after baselayout-2 and OpenRC became
stable. That date will be 28 Jun 2012.

This news item is to inform you that you must migrate your system
to baselayout-2 and OpenRC before 28 Jun 2012. Starting on this date, we
will no longer support this migration, and you may need to re-install
any systems which are still running baselayout-1.

For questions about how to migrate your system, see the OpenRC migration
guide [1].