baselayout-1.x deprecation final warning

Title: baselayout-1.x deprecation final warning
Author: William Hubbs <>
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Posted: 2013-04-10
Revision: 1
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On 28 Jun 2011, baselayout-2.x and OpenRC were first marked stable on
all supported architectures in Gentoo Linux.

Although we no longer support baselayout-1.x, we have continued support
for migration from baselayout-1.x to baselayout-2.x and OpenRC.

According to Gentoo policy, the support for migration was slated to end
on 28 Jun 2012, a year after OpenRC was first marked stable.

This is your final warning. openrc-0.11.8 will be the final release of
OpenRC to support migration from baselayout-1.x.

If you do not upgrade your system to baselayout-2.x and openrc-0.11.8
before openrc-0.11.8 leaves the tree, you will have to perform the
migration manually when you upgrade or you will be left with an
unbootable system. Manual migration is not officially supported, and
could include fixing things with a live cd or re-installing your system.

For questions about how to migrate your system, see the OpenRC migration
guide [1].