Profile EAPI 5 requirement

Title: Profile EAPI 5 requirement
Author: Zero_Chaos <>
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Posted: 2014-03-02
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The Gentoo Council has decided that the entire profile tree will be
updated to require EAPI=5 support.

For all non-deprecated profiles this requirement has already been in
place for over one year. If you have updated your system at any point
during 2013, and followed the instructions in the profile deprecation
warnings (which cannot really easily be overlooked), and are running an
up-to-date portage version, there is absolutely nothing that you need
to do now.

If you are running an installation that has not been updated for more
than a year, the portage tree you have just updated to may be
incompatible with your portage version, and the profile you are using
may be gone.

It is still possible to upgrade, following these simple steps:

1.) Do not panic.
2.) Download a portage snapshot from
3.) Unpack the snapshot to ~/tmp
4.) If you are not already, become root
5.) # rsync --recursive --links --safe-links --perms --times --force \
	--whole-file --delete --stats --human-readable \
	--exclude=/distfiles --exclude=/local --exclude=/packages \
	--verbose --progress --omit-dir-times /tmp/portage /usr/portage
6.) # chown portage.portage -R /usr/portage
6.) If needed, set your profile to a modern one (typically named 13.0)
7.) # eselect profile list
8.) # eselect profile set <desired profile>
9.) emerge --update --oneshot portage

Now that you have a modern copy of portage, you can go back to updating
your system as usual. Please update your system at LEAST twice a year
to avoid issues like this in the future.

Thanks for flying Gentoo.