UPower loses hibernate / suspend to systemd

Title: UPower loses hibernate / suspend to systemd
Author: Samuli Suominen <ssuominen@gentoo.org>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2014-06-03
Revision: 1
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Display-If-Installed: <sys-power/upower-0.99.0

UPower discontinued hibernate and suspend support in favor of systemd.
Because of this, we have created a compability package at
sys-power/upower-pm-utils which will give you the old UPower with
sys-power/pm-utils support back.
Some desktops have integrated the sys-power/pm-utils support directly
to their code, like Xfce, and as a result, they work also with the new
UPower as expected.

All non-systemd users are recommended to choose between:

# emerge --oneshot --noreplace 'sys-power/upower-pm-utils'


# emerge --oneshot --noreplace '>=sys-power/upower-0.99.0'

However, all systemd users are recommended to stay with sys-power/upower.

A small tip for GNOME _and_ systemd users, only 3.12 and newer support 0.99,
so if you see the package manager pulling in sys-power/upower-pm-utils
while using old GNOME, like 2.32 or 3.10, you _can_ prevent it by adding
a package.mask entry for >=sys-power/upower-0.99