MySQL 5.5 upgrade procedures

Title: MySQL 5.5 upgrade procedures
Author: Brian Evans <>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2014-08-20
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MySQL 5.5 is now stable across all arches. The upgrade process
will require you to rebuild everything linked to and

This may be done for you by portage with 'emerge @preserved-rebuild'.

A small number of libraries may not be automatically rebuilt against
the new MySQL libraries using preserved-rebuild.  If you have
difficulties with packages not finding the new libraries, install
app-portage/gentoolkit and run:
# revdep-rebuild --library
# revdep-rebuild --library

The official upgrade documentation is available here:

Please be sure to review the upgrade document for any possible actions
necessary before and after the upgrade. This includes running
mysql_upgrade after the upgrade completion.

Due to security flaws, MySQL 5.1 will be hard masked in 30 days after
this news item is posted.  It will remain masked in the tree for
3 months before removal.