nfs service changes

Title: nfs service changes
Author: William Hubbs <>
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Posted: 2015-02-02
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The upgrade to nfs-utils-1.3.1-r1 includes significant service changes
both for OpenRC and systemd users.

OpenRC users:

The OpenRC service which handled mounting nfs file systems has been
changed to only start the nfs client daemons and renamed to nfsclient.
Because of this change, if you use OpenRC and mount nfs file systems,
you need to perform the following steps:

Add nfsclient to the runlevel nfsmount was in before. For example, if
nfsmount was in the default runlevel, run this command:

rc-update add nfsclient default

If you use a permanent network connection to the server, make sure
netmount is in the same runlevel as nfsclient. If not, it is recommended
that net-fs/autofs be set up to handle your network mounts.

Systemd users:

The nfs systemd units have been renamed.  If you are exporting nfs
mounts, you should enable the rpcbind and nfs-server services.  If you
are mounting nfs mounts systemd should automatically detect this and
start the nfs-client service.

More Information:

The following wiki page has more information about nfs file systems: