New portage plug-in sync system

Title: New portage plug-in sync system
Author: Brian Dolbec <>
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Posted: 2015-02-02
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There is a new plug-in sync system in >=sys-apps/portage-2.2.16.
This system will allow third party modules to be easily installed.  Look
for a new layman plug-in sync module in layman's next release.  Next is
a brief look at the changes.  See the url [1] listed below for detailed
descriptions and usage.

Changes:  /etc/portage/repos.conf/*
    New setting for all repository types (needed):
        auto-sync = yes/no, true/false  # default if absent: yes/true

    New for git sync-type: (applies to clone only)
        sync-depth = n  where n = {0,1,2,3,...} (optional, default = 1)
            0 -- full history
            1 -- shallow clone, only current state (default)
            2,3,... number of history changes to download

    New sync-type modules:
        sync-type = svn  # sync a subversion repository
        sync-type = websync # Perform an emerge-webrsync operation
        sync-type = laymanator  # (if installed) runs a layman -s action

    New native portage postsync hooks
            Runs hooks once, only after all repos have been synced.
            Runs each script with three arguments:
                repo name, sync-uri, location
            Each script is run at the completion of every repo synced.

    Edit /etc/portage/repos.conf/*.conf files, add the auto-sync option
    to each repository definition.  Edit sync-type option to one of the
    supported types {rsync, git, cvs, svn, websync, laymanator}.
        sync-type = rsync
        auto-sync = yes

    For an existing /etc/portage/repos.conf/layman.conf file:
        1) change/add the sync-type
            sync-type = laymanator
        2) Ensure you have the correct layman version installed with
           it's laymanator module also installed.
    Alternate method:
        Please see the wiki page url [1] for detailed instructions.

Primary control of all sync operations has been moved from emerge to
emaint.  "emerge --sync" now just calls the emaint sync module with the
--auto option.  The --auto option performs a sync on only those
repositories with the auto-sync setting not set to 'no' or 'false'. If
it is absent, then it will default to yes and "emerge --sync" will sync
the repository.

NOTE: As a result of the default auto-sync = True/Yes setting, commands
    like "eix-sync", "esync -l", "emerge --sync && layman -S" will cause
    many repositories to be synced multiple times in a row.  Please edit
    your configs or scripts to adjust for the new operation.

    Due to the above default. For any repos that you EXPLICITLY do not
    want to be synced. You MUST set "auto-sync = no"

The 'emaint sync' module operates similar to layman.  It can sync
single or multiple repos.  See "emaint --help" or for more details and
examples see the wiki page listed below [1].

Additional help and project API documentation can be found at: