shorewall is now a single package

Title: shorewall is now a single package
Author: Ian Delaney <>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2015-05-01
Revision: 1
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Starting with net-firewall/shorewall-4.6 we have re-integrated

  - net-firewall/shorewall-core
  - net-firewall/shorewall6
  - net-firewall/shorewall-lite
  - net-firewall/shorewall6-lite
  - net-firewall/shorewall-init

into a new all-in-one net-firewall/shorewall ebuild (see bug 522278).

The new all-in-one ebuild makes maintenance a lot more easier because the
package is proxy-maintained and finding someone who is willing to help
you bumping 6 packages each time you provide an update was not easy in
the past.

Because net-firewall/shorewall{-core,6,-lite,6-lite,init} is now
integrated in net-firewall/shorewall, we have to hard mask these old
ebuilds in the new monolithic ebuild to prevent file collisions.

Due to this block we cannot migrate to the new version without user
interaction. Please remove the previous split ebuilds from your system if
you want to upgrade:

  $ emerge --ask --unmerge 'net-firewall/shorewall-*' \

Please note:
Since the second shorewall-4.6 ebuild is now stabilized and shorewall-4.5
is not compatible with the perl-5.20 (see bug 524558) we will start the
removal process for shorewall-4.5 ebuilds within the next 30 days.