udev-init-scripts-29 important changes

Title: udev-init-scripts-29 important changes
Author: William Hubbs <williamh@gentoo.org>
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Posted: 2015-06-08
Revision: 2
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In udev-init-scripts-29 and newer, the udev service script has been
split into udev, udev-settle and udev-trigger.

This means the settings in /etc/conf.d/udev have also been migrated
to the appropriate /etc/conf.d files, so be careful when you update your
configuration settings.

udev and udev-trigger will be added to your sysinit runlevel, but not
udev-settle. udev-settle should not be added to a runlevel. Instead, if
a service needs this, it should add "need udev-settle" to its