Nepomuk removal

Title: Nepomuk removal
Author: Johannes Huber <>
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Posted: 2015-08-11
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With KDE SC 4.13.0 release the default semantic desktop search engine
switched from Nepomuk to Baloo.[1] This change was honoured in Gentoo
by changing the semantic-desktop use flag to cover the new engine and
moving the old to nepomuk use flag.

The underlaying storage backend for Nepomuk aka Virtuoso DB has a lot
of unsolved upstream issues[2], therefore we will remove it. This means
packages with build options on the old stack will drop them. Other
packages which hard requiring it will be removed.

If you are still using Nepomuk you can switch to Baloo by globally
enable semantic-desktop and disabling nepomuk use flag in
/etc/portage/make.conf or using one of the kde desktop profiles.