Ruby 1.9 removal; Ruby 2.0/2.1 default

Title: Ruby 1.9 removal; Ruby 2.0/2.1 default
Author: Manuel Rüger <>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2015-08-26
Revision: 2
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Ruby MRI 1.9 has been retired by upstream in February 2015.[1]
We remove Ruby MRI 1.9 support from the tree now. In parallel Ruby MRI 2.1 
support will be activated in base profile's RUBY_TARGETS variable by default 
in conjunction with Ruby MRI 2.0.

If your currently eselected Ruby interpreter is ruby19, our recommendation is 
to change it to ruby20. At the moment Ruby MRI 2.0 delivers the best possible 
support of all Ruby interpreters in tree.

Check the current setting via:

	eselect ruby show

Change the current setting to Ruby MRI 2.0 via:

	eselect ruby set ruby20