libvirt-1.2.19 init script changes

Title: libvirt-1.2.19 init script changes
Author: Doug Goldstein <>
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Posted: 2015-09-09
Revision: 1
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OpenRC Users:

In libvirt-1.2.19 and newer, the libvirtd init script has been split into
libvirtd and libvirt-guests.

The purpose of this change is to separate the management of the libvirtd
daemon from the libvirt domains/guests. This means that a number of settings
from /etc/conf.d/libvirtd have been moved to /etc/conf.d/libvirt-guests. These
settings have not been auto-migrated and you are advised to review
/etc/conf.d/libvirt-guests to ensure the behaviors are as you expect.

You must add libvirt-guests to the same runlevel where you run libvirtd
currently. Otherwise your domains/guests will not be gracefully shutdown and
could result in data loss. To do this run the following commands:
  $ rc-update add libvirt-guests
  $ service libvirt-guests start