Grub2 multislot default setting is changing

Title: Grub2 multislot default setting is changing
Author: William Hubbs <>
Author: Ian Stakenvicius <>
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Posted: 2016-08-11
Revision: 1
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The multislot use flag in sys-boot/grub-2.x is no longer enabled by

When the flag is enabled, all upstream binaries and documentation are
renamed to "grub2" so as not to collide with grub-0.  Now that the use
flag is no longer default-enabled, these names will revert back to
their upstream defaults.  For example, grub2-mkconfig will become
grub-mkconfig, grub2-install will become grub-install, etc.

If you wish to retain the previous naming scheme, please make sure to
explicitly enable USE="multislot" on sys-boot/grub in the usual manner.