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Hardened Linux kernel sources removal (Aug 19, 2017)

As you may know the core of sys-kernel/hardened-sources has been the grsecurity patches. Recently the grsecurity developers have decided to limit access to these patches. As a result, the Gentoo Hardened team is unable to ensure a regular patching schedule and therefore the security of the users of these kernel sources. Thus, we will be masking hardened-sources on the 27th of August and will proceed to remove them from the main ebuild repository by the end of September. We recommend to use sys-kernel/gentoo-sources instead. Userspace hardening and support for SELinux will of course remain in the Gentoo ebuild repository. Please see the full news item for additional information and links.

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Security advisories from our Security database

GLSA 201711-12 eGroupWare: Remote code execution normal
GLSA 201711-11 VDE: Privilege escalation normal
GLSA 201711-10 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201711-09 LXC: Remote security bypass normal
GLSA 201711-08 LibXfont, LibXfont2: Multiple vulnerabilities normal

New packages more at the Gentoo packages database

libnss-nis NSS module to provide NIS support
bitlbee-facebook Facebook protocol plugin for BitlBee
Time-Monotonic A clock source that only increments and never jumps
pspg A better pager for psql
HTSeq Python support for SAM/BAM/Bowtie/FASTA/Q/GFF/GTF files

Fresh documentation on the Gentoo wiki

Upstream repository shutdowns/Freecode.com started by Jstein
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Man page/Navigate/es started by Rodrigokcz
Notes on ebuilds with GUI started by Jstein