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GSoC 2016: Five projects accepted (Apr 28, 2016)

We are excited to announce that 5 students have been selected to participate with Gentoo during the Google Summer of Code 2016!

You can follow our students’ progress on the gentoo-soc mailing list and chat with us regarding our GSoC projects via IRC in #gentoo-soc on freenode.
Congratulations to all the students. We look forward to their contributions!

Find out more about the accepted projects

New Packages more at the Gentoo Packages database

ruby_dep Creates a version constraint of supported Rubies,suitable for a gemspec file
urdf_parser_py URDF parser for Python
image_publisher Publish an image stream from single image file or avi file.
cucumber-wire Executable feature scenarios
musl-nscd musl-nscd is an implementation of the NSCD protocol for the musl libc

Fresh Documentation on the Gentoo Wiki

Bugzilla/Bug report guide/ru started by Cronolio
Prelink/ru started by Cronolio
Wifi/Testing/ru started by Cronolio
Wifi/ru started by Cronolio
Mk802 U-Boot started by Nerdboy