Gentoo Linux is available free over the Internet.
Live environments and stage archives can be downloaded using the links below.

What should I download? What do I do with these files?
Gentoo Handbook

If you are unsure what you need to download, please refer to the Gentoo Handbook for the complete installation documentation.
It explains how you can find the right architecture for your machine and which files you need at what stage of the installation process.

Advanced choices and other architectures

x86 – Advanced choices

Details (contents, hashes, and signatures)

Confirm processor compatibility

There are two builds of the x86 architecture: i486 and i686.
Processors prior to the Intel Pentium Pro or Pentium II require the i486 variant to be used.


Details (contents, hashes, and signatures)


Details (contents, hashes, and signatures)

Confirm processor compatibility

The ia64 architecture is intended for use on Intel Itanium processors only.
If you have a 64-bit Intel Pentium/Core/Xeon processor, you need to use the amd64 architecture.

Gentoo DVDs and CDs

If you simply don't have the ability to download the large DVD or CD images, then you may wish to purchase a Gentoo DVD or CD.