Unavailable Gentoo developers (devaway)

The following developers are currently not available. Data updated at Sun Jan 26 05:11:28 2020.

Colors indicate how long since the developer's ~/.away file was set: up to 14 days; up to 2 months; up to 6 months; more than 6 months.

Developer Message and timestamp
chutzpah Limited availability until 2020/01/11 @ 2019/12/25 18:44Z
conikost Away until 2020-01-31 due private stuff (water leakage :/). Contact via mail. Feel free to update my ebuilds. @ 2020/01/17 23:24Z
creffett I don't have a system running Gentoo at the moment and don't have much time to contribute. @ 2020/01/08 03:09Z
dlan away due to traditional chinese festival holiday, will back at Feb 2nd, feel free to touch *my packages*. @ 2020/01/22 05:59Z
dolsen Relocating on the east coast. No or limited internet capability for an unknown time. @ 2019/10/12 12:07Z
gokturk Away until I comply with GLEP 63 @ 2019/12/21 04:49Z
haubi some holidays until mid January 20 @ 2019/12/20 14:57Z
idl0r Mail away, please contact me via IRC @ 2019/04/02 09:30Z
kumba Busy w/ real life. Waiting for Linux-5.5 to update sys-kernel/mips-sources for the mainlining of SGI Octane support. Drop me an e-mail if needed. @ 2020/01/24 01:40Z
mschiff I am away for a world circumnavigation with my sailing vessel. @ 2020/01/02 15:39Z
neddyseagoon Retired from paid employment. Working the ever growing 'Honey Do' list. Gentoo time both seasonal and sporadic ... @ 2019/04/01 16:17Z
np-hardass Out of the country til 2/7. Emergencies, feel free to touch packages within @ 2020/01/16 00:01Z
patrick afk for a while - 2019.09.23 @ 2019/09/23 17:14Z
pinkbyte Taking a break from active development. Available via e-mail for urgent stuff. Feel free to touch my packages. No ETA. Random commits may happen, though @ 2019/12/19 09:15Z
radhermit indefinitely gone @ 2020/01/21 19:56Z
rafaelmartins Busy with RL. Feel free to email me but expect delays. @ 2020/01/05 02:32Z
sobhan need time to get back into a normal life, be back ASAP @ 2019/11/12 15:54Z
titanofold In school full time and working full time through 2020. Anyone may touch any package except for dev-db/postgresql. @ 2019/11/24 02:40Z